info [-dfno] [命令]


就内容来说,info页面比man page编写得要更好、更容易理解,也更友好,但man page使用起来确实要更容易得多。一个man page只有一页,而info页面几乎总是将它们的内容组织成多个区段(称为节点),每个区段也可能包含子区段(称为子节点)。理解这个命令的窍门就是不仅要学习如何在单独的Info页面中浏览导航,还要学习如何在节点和子节点之间切换。可能刚开始会一时很难在info页面的节点之间移动和找到你要的东西,真是具有讽刺意味:原本以为对于新手来说,某个东西比man命令会更好些,但实际上学习和使用起来更困难。







显示 man 命令的帮助信息:

# info man

       -a     By default, man will exit after displaying the first manual page
              it finds.  Using this option forces man to display all the  man-
              ual pages that match name, not just the first.

       -c     Reformat  the  source man page, even when an up-to-date cat page
              exists.  This can be meaningful if the cat  page  was  formatted
              for  a screen with a different number of columns, or if the pre-
              formatted page is corrupted.

       -d     Don’t actually display the man  pages,  but  do  print  gobs  of
              debugging information.

       -D     Both display and print debugging info.

       -f     Equivalent to whatis.

       -F or --preformat
              Format only - do not display.

       -h     Print a help message and exit.

       -k     Equivalent to apropos.

       -K     Search  for  the  specified  string in *all* man pages. Warning:
              this is probably very slow!  It  helps  to  specify  a  section.
              (Just  to  give  a  rough idea, on my machine this takes about a
              minute per 500 man pages.)

       -m  system
              Specify an alternate set of man pages to  search  based  on  the
              system name given.

... ...